Read this Before Making a Decision about Joe Vitale

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Dr. Vitale is living proof that the law of attraction works. He moved from an impoverished upbringing to a lifestyle full of abundance. However, Vitale wrestled with the unsettling question of why was manifestation working for some and not for so many others. He found that the answer prevails in the subconscious mind.

Subconscious Beliefs

A belief is a thought that is frequently repeated. It doesn’t have to be a thought that is true but because the idea is happening it is deemed to be the truth. However, the law of attraction brings that thought into the physical realm. It doesn’t matter if that thought is a beneficial one or one that isn’t. What matters is that what a person thinks about he or she brings about. So, it is vital for a person to be aware of her limiting beliefs.

What makes these thoughts so dangerous is that their influence is subtle. They are so deeply rooted that they appear as naturally as breathing. A person’s life is a direct reflection of these beliefs and therein lies the problem. These beliefs are on autopilot. Consequently, many people create their reality by default. What makes matters worse is these deep-rooted beliefs can appear very real so much so that parting with them can be extremely uncomfortable at first.

The Secret Mirror

The great news is that a subconscious belief can be changed for the better. For example, if a person believes that money doesn’t come easy, he or she can take action to improve that belief. Likewise, if someone thinks that life is meant to be difficult or that only dishonest people are rich, he can change these beliefs also. Moreover, with deliberate intentions, people can begin to form new opinions that work for and not against them.

Joe Vitale is someone who has made it his life’s work to help a person discover and fix their subconscious blocks. He has helped people change their life’s perspective and ultimately what shows up in their daily lives. And what’s so unique about his approach is that he expands on a mirror technique that is both simple and effective.